Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestowed them.

Chinese Proverb


 South Seas Trading Company
Maui, Hawaii

Orchids & Anthuriums


Autumn Anthurium Special

Enjoy a long lasting bouquet of bright, colorful anthuriums! Available in the autumnal shades of red & orange. One dozen flowers plus 3 to 4 stems of green foliage.

F 312 $39.95 / 1 Dz Red + foliage
F 314 $39.95 / 1 Dz Orange + foliage
F 316 $39.95 / 1 Dz Red & Orange + foliage

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Autumn Obake Selection

Obake means "spirit" in Japanese. Each bloom contains 2 or 3 colors that blend from one hue to another, like a lovely watercolor painting. Our Autumn selection contains a mixture of green/orange and green/dark peach flowers. Also available in green/red.

F 412 $49.95 / 1 Dz + foliage


Oncidium Orchid Plant

Cheerful yellow flowers with bronze speckles. Also known as Dancing Ladies, for their graceful appearance when they gently sway in the wind. Arrives with flowers beginning to open, for a long lasting display.

P 701 $29.95/one plant
P 702 $45.95/two plants
P 703 $59.95/three plants

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