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 South Seas Trading Company
Maui, Hawaii

The Tropical Pantry
Tropical Fruit Jam, Salad Dressings, Rare White Honey, Raw Sugar


6 Jam Mini Gift Set

Mango Jam, Pineapple Preserve, Guava Jam, Lilikoi Jelly, Guava /Strawberry Jam, Guava Jelly. Each jar is 1.5 oz.

J 106 $9.95 / Set of 6


3 Jam Gift Set

Mango Jam, Pineapple Preserve, Guava Jam. Each jar is 10 oz. Delicious tropical flavors for a special breakfast treat!

J 103 $19.95 / Set of 3


Papaya Seed Salad Dressing

An Island favorite! Spicy ground papaya seeds add a peppery zest to your salads.

D101 $4.95 / 11.5 fl. oz bottle


Maui Onion Salad Dressing

Maui Onions are known throughout the world for their mild, sweet flavor. Bring a tasty zip to your special salads!

D103 $4.95 / 11.5 fl. oz bottle


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"I'd never seen honey quite like this before: opalescent, spreadably thick, with an oozing fine-crystalline texture.  It reminded me of the creamy centers you get in filled chocolates, only better.  Nor had I tasted anything like it, either.  One lick, and I realized I'd spent my life paddling around in a pool of honey mediocrity."
Ken Haedrich
National Geographic Traveler


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Rare Hawaiian White Honey

Produced from only one Kiawe forest on the Big Island of Hawaii.  What distinquishes this honey from others is its unique flavor, texture, and color.  The flavor is delicately rich and tropical, while not excessively sweet.  The delicate and unique nature of pure Kiawe honey requires that it be handled meticulously, with precise timing to prevent any loss of flavor, texure, and color.

H110 $8.00 / 8 oz jar



Maui Washed Raw Sugar

Made from Maui's sweetest sugar cane.  Our golden brown, large crystal Raw Sugar adds a wonderful testure tp baked goods, and flavor and richness to coffee and tea.  Premium grade turbinado sugar, unrefined, steam washed, rich in natural color and flavor.

S100 $3.50 / 7 oz jar




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